Great Comedy Sketch about "the Cruise"

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Great Story About "The Cruise"

On CBC Radio, there is a Show called "The Vinyl Cafe" where the host tells stories of his two favorite characters "Dave and his wife Morley, much like Garrison Keller on "The Prairie Home Companion" and "The News From Lake Wobigone"

The most recent version of the Vinyl Café had a story on it called “The Cruise”

“Stuart McLean tells a story about what happens when Dave and Morley set sail on a cruise meant for seniors only.”

The first few minutes are a bit slow explaining how Dave and Morley ended up on the cruise, but once it gets into the story it is Holland America as everyone, who has never cruised HA , thinks of it. You got to listen.


I then edited it to only include the part about the cruise. It is stil 28 minutes long so be patient on loading. You can download it to your computer by right clicking on the link or left click to play it.


"The Cruise"